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Coasters – such small objects that protect your table from water rings, act as tiny billboards for marketing campaigns and are cool gifts for holidays or any occasion. Our custom coasters are some of our hot-selling items on our website. For new restaurants or bars, custom bar coasters are necessary. If you need some event souvenir, our custom drink coasters would be the ideal choice. Our personalized coasters work as great tokens of appreciation for weddings, birthdays and other festive parties. You could also support many charity organizations by having these custom printed coasters as one of the items in fundraising campaigns.. Our low priced personalized cardboard coasters will help your design ideas and business goals come into effect. They can be part of the standard décor at your campaigns, promotional events, and outdoor cocktail parties including your intended messages, logos, dates, and contact information imprinted on them. We offer Pulp board Coasters, Paper Coasters, and Coasters with Bottle Openers that could be useful personalized party favors for your guests. Put your classy wedding design ideas on our Custom Coasters which everyone can take back home as mementos. Reach your customers in style with these highly practical Custom Coasters selecting from our 40pt, 60pt, and 80pt thicknesses to be imprinted with multiple colors on one side or both sides.

Popular Uses: If you have suddenly thought about revamping your place, you will want to throw away some of your old stuff and get some new things to re-organize everything. When you start with your drink ware section, feel free to browse our collection of custom coasters. Every prim and proper household needs to have coasters that go with the theme of the drink ware. You could get custom printed coasters for Halloween parties, NYE celebrations, Thanksgiving feasts and Christmas dinners to avoid any unwanted liquid circles on your precious furniture. For new restaurant and bar owners, you will require to invest a lot of money on furniture, decorations, dinnerware, drink ware, cutlery, and of course, food and drinks. It might be a smart marketing idea to get bulk coasters as well. When you serve the drinks with these, people will know more about your new business through these custom coasters. Our selection of bar coasters that come with bottle openers will do the job of opening drinks, keeping your counters and tables spill-free, and act as tiny yet effective billboards for your newly formed restaurant or bar. Moving on to making gifts, in which case our custom photo coasters would work phenomenally. Let your wedding be vividly memorable to your guests in the form of personalized coasters. As your guests will come bearing gifts on your birthday, thank them with some custom paper coasters that they can use in their household and remember the celebration once more. If you are looking for stocking presents, our collection of custom coasters will work correctly. We have coasters of all sizes that can fit any stocking with ease. Your drinking friends and family members will especially appreciate this gift as they will use it daily. Lastly, there are many awareness runs and charity campaigns that help the less unfortunate. You could get some custom printed coasters and give them as souvenirs to the donors who contribute to the good cause.

Design Suggestions: If your place has minimalistic vibes, abstract themes, or loud colors, we have something for everything in our coaster collection. Our pre-designed templates have every kind of design that will fit your interior décor perfectly. However, if you want to personalize your coasters, you could do that as well. Using our coaster printing service, you could upload your original artwork to the website, and our manufacturer will then print your design on to the coaster. You could go for the plain black base color, pumpkin designs, or witch themes for your personalized coasters for Halloween parties. NYE coasters could don confetti designs and new year greetings written on them. You could use orange colors and grateful texts for Thanksgiving coasters. Splashes of red and green, Santa designs and jolly greetings are all that Christmas coasters need. As for bar coaster ideas, you could include offers and discounts on food and drinks. You could also add a little background story on how you have formed your restaurant or bar from scratch. If you want a simple design, then the restaurant or bar's name and the date the founders established the business could be an excellent coaster design. Now for wedding coaster ideas, you could get your and your spouse's picture for the custom photo coasters. You could include a collage of memories of both of you. Birthday coasters could have a cute photo of the individual along with the date, balloon pictures or colorful artworks with their horoscope to make it more unique. Lastly, for campaign coasters, include the organization's name, your fundraiser's cause, and a thank you message for the contributors.

Product Materials: We have three kinds of coasters: ones made with pulp board, ones made with plastic that include bottle openers and ones made with paper. The ones with bottle openers have three available base colors; blue, red and black. The other two coasters have a lot of base colors available. All three coasters have up to three available imprint colors with charges, except when you upload full-color pictures. Our coaster printing is of high-quality digital print.