Top Selling Custom Tote Bags

Customize your own tote bag for your next trade show, business, event, or for personal use.

Custom Drawstring Bags

Customize your own tote bag for your next trade show, business, event, or for personal use.

Custom Cotton Bags

Customize your own tote bag for your next trade show, business, event, or for personal use.

Custom Die Cut Handle Bags

Custom Paper Bags

Why buy Custom Tote Bags?

Custom Totes are simple, versatile, and easy-to-use custom bags every day. They are eco-friendly tote bags that are recyclable, and most importantly reusable. Recommended for your regular buying spree and weekly groceries, without plastic bags, cartons, or papers. Custom Tote bags have become quite essential for grocery shopping, and much more.

Where Can You Purchase a Tote Bag?

Custom printed bags are available in a wide variety of colors, styles, and sizes. We are one of the most quality tote bag makers in Houston, Texas. Browse our vast selection for your perfect custom printed tote bag. The more you order buy, the cheaper they get. You send us the design, and our service takes we take care of the tote bag printing.They are simple to customize, and we offer a wide variety of colors to print your designs with. Anything can be printed on your custom printed bags by sending your design illustrations via email. You can also use the easy to use design studio to create one from scratch. We also have a multitude of pre-designed templates to help you get started. Contact us to see how your design would look on our products.

What is a Tote Bag Made of?

We carry a variety of custom tote bags that are made with durable fabric materials and woven linen or cotton. The same components are used in tents, sails, and other items like a base-medium used by the painters on their canvas. The water-resistant, non-woven polypropylene bags are exceptionally durable and guaranteed to last. Our custom cotton bags are 100 percent cotton and are the best Eco-friendly alternatives to plastic bags. You can choose the color of the product from our online shop.

But how long tote bags last?

We offer top-of-the-line, heavy-duty tote bags that can last years based on the type of use. Even with heavy use, our custom printed bags and your printed design will have a long lifespan. The best part of custom totes bag materials is that they can hold ink easily after transferring to the bag.  Thus, customizing it is easy and it looks new even after a few washes. Encroaching into your style beyond simplicity and practicality because of continuous wear and tear. That is why these bags last longer than other expensive and branded ones.

What is the importance of Tote Bags?

Offered in different sizes, the custom-made tote bags are suitable for holding various things like other traditional bags, often paired with parallel handles. The fundamental purpose of custom tote bags is to use it to carry your things without using harmful one time use plastics or expensive bags. Because they are durable, these Eco-friendly totes are popular and available almost everywhere for shipping.

What are the Best Occasions to Use a Tote Bag?

As we have mentioned before, these personalized bags are quite versatile and come in handy over a multitude of uses.Here are a few to give you a general idea.

Trade Show giveaways – More often than not, people are giving away free items at their booths during trade shows. Custom totes are convenient to distribute because they are lightweight, fold-able, and can be used to carry other small promotional items. You can print your logo and important business information on them for later use by the potential client or customer.

Wedding - Party favors at the wedding are quite lovely. Custom small tote bags are excellent to package your gifts or memorabilia after the event. You can design your bags with your theme.

Office Work – Personalized Bags are usually needed to bring important documents, pens, and gadgets to and from work daily. Custom Totes can carry even your heaviest iPad or laptops going to your office space. You can even use custom small tote bags to carry your lunch.

Marketing / Promotional Items – Custom printed tote bags are the perfect marketing tools for your promotions. Businesses can include their logo and brand on them. The good news is that they are affordable and reusable.

Grocery - The personalized shopping bags themselves are biodegradable and nature friendly. Ideal for replace plastic and paper bags because they are reusable, durable, and washable. Environmental conscious customers can take their own “Eco-bags” whenever they like. There are many grocery stores that encourage their customers to use tote bags instead of plastic and paper bags

Students / Teachers - Textbooks, notebooks, or laptops are heavy to carry. Often, backpacks are not enough to bring such copies and are not healthy for your back, but custom printed tote bags can do the job well.

Beach outing / Travel – There is no need to bring your expensive bags to the beach. Packing your things can be made easy with custom tote bags because they are portable, and in some cases, are water-resistant.

Daily Use - 100% Perfect for daily activities regardless of any weather. Custom small tote bags are suitable for everyday use to carry essential daily items you need to get through the day. Custom made tote bags can even be the perfect gym bag.